Organizations recognize a competitive advantage when they invest in the identification and development of leadership talent. A company succeeds when it develops the right leaders and places them in critical positions. Regardless of your strategic objectives, achieving your goals will largely depend on your ability to choose and prepare the best possible leaders.

Blankenship & Seay Consulting Group would like to help you:

  • Create a profile of a high-performing leader in your organization
  • Assess individual strengths and developmental needs as they relate to the profile
  • Identify those employees who have the motivation and ability to be future leaders
  • Quantify the gap between current and future leadership capabilities
  • Implement training or other growth experiences to close the leadership gap
  • Identify which leaders are ready to fill planned and unplanned vacancies
  • Deliver constructive individual feedback designed to motivate behavioral change and retention by establishing actionable steps for improving areas of developmental need