Employee Selection

Our assessments provide reliable information about how job candidates match your needs and the demands of a specific job. Our goal is to help you hire people who fit your culture, can work as a member of your team, and can achieve the objectives you have established for the role. The selection process involves a thorough evaluation of an individual through the use of personality, work and leadership style instruments, as well as an in-depth interview. We offer several levels of psychological assessment, including brief screening methods often used for entry-level positions, work style assessments appropriate for most levels of an organization, and in-depth executive assessments appropriate for key leadership positions.

Blankenship & Seay can also develop customized behavioral questionnaires and structured interviews for your company.

Developmental Assessments

We tailor developmental assessments for existing employees to help them grow as leaders and thoughtfully prepare them for career growth. These assessments utilize in-depth interviews of behavior and often include leadership simulations and/or 360-degree assessments to create an accurate picture of an individual’s leadership style and needs.

Companies often use developmental assessments in the following situations:

• Leadership development for high potential employees
• Developmental action planning for struggling employees
• Succession planning
• Integrating new team members
• Coaching
• Change management/reorganization
• Merging cultures during acquisitions