360-Degree Assessment

High quality feedback is a powerful source of information for maximizing leadership potential. A 360-degree assessment provides comprehensive feedback from many perspectives, typically from peers, manager, and direct reports. A properly designed and implemented 360-degree process produces data that increases the reliability of the assessment when compared to traditional single-source evaluations.

The Blankenship & Seay 360-degree survey measures a broad range of leadership behaviors. We can also customize a 360-degree survey to measure your organization’s unique dimensions. Our online surveys increase the speed, efficiency, and convenience of the process while maintaining anonymity.

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Employee Attitude Surveys

Employee opinion surveys provide valuable insight to strengthen your organization. Blankenship & Seay has a wealth of experience in designing employee opinion surveys for a variety of organizations.

A well-planned employee opinion survey provides insight into how employees currently view the organization. Based on an analysis of the data, Blankenship & Seay works with you to implement specific action steps to improve your organization.