Ph.D. level Organizational Psychologist/ Consultant

About the Position
Blankenship & Seay Consulting Group is seeking a Ph.D. level Organizational Psychologist/ Consultant to work in the areas of individual assessment, selection system design, executive coaching, leadership development and training, teambuilding, succession planning, employee attitude surveys and career assessment. 

About the Organization
Founded in 1989, Blankenship & Seay is a group of organizational psychologists and consultants, located in Birmingham, Alabama. Our firm serves a wide variety of organizations including Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, partnerships, family-owned businesses, and individuals. Our clients span many industries — technology, electric and gas utilities, financial services, insurance, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. 

Our Culture

While our consultants must work well independently, we offer a team-oriented environment. New associates benefit from coaching and mentoring. We invest in the personal and professional success of new hires, employing the same philosophy we use with our clients. Finally, we strive to create an autonomous and flexible work environment.

Job Requirements 

  1. Ph.D. in Psychology, Organizational Behavior, or a related field is preferred
  2. Experience with individual assessment, coaching, group facilitation, or leadership training
  3. Experience in business and consulting
  4. Business development skills
  5. Self-starter, highly motivated individual
  6. Ability to work in a dynamic environment 

To apply, send resume to: