Career Assessment for Adults

Making sound career decisions takes careful thought and planning. We can help you make better decisions throughout your life, from choosing your first job to making a mid-career change or planning your retirement transition. At Blankenship & Seay, we help individuals better understand their work styles, values, interests, and motivational drivers so that they can make career choices that will foster their personal success. Our career assessment process includes an in-depth interview, psychological testing, and feedback sessions. The outcome of this process is specific career advice including possible next steps or new career paths.

Services include:

  • Assessment of individual assets, interests, competencies and liabilities
  • Matching interests and personality to the demands of specific occupations
  • Establishing realistic goals and objectives
  • Developing a job search action plan
  • Phone , email or in-person follow-up sessions to track progress and maintain momentum

Ongoing coaching, follow-up and additional support as needed

 Academic Assessment for High School Students

Thoughtfully selecting a college major that matches a student’s interests, personality, and lifestyle expectations can be exceptionally difficult for high school students. Oftentimes, students begin their first year of college with little idea or thought about their future career, potentially increasing the time that it takes to graduate and causing them to miss meaningful learning and networking opportunities along the way. To help inform their decisions, we recommend an interview and psychological assessment to clarify personality, preferences, and motivations to help identify a college major that is consistent with their interests, and personality. In order to insure that there is family alignment on any decisions that are made, we recommend a feedback meeting with the student and his/her parent(s) to discuss potential majors and career building opportunities.

Services include:

  • Assessment of individual personality, interests, motivations, and preferences
  • Parental survey conducted over the phone with the parent(s)
  • Matching interests and personality to the demands of specific occupations
  • Feedback with the student and parent(s) to discuss specific college majors to be considered